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Who’s In The Hub is a series of inspiring interviews with people who mean the world to me and who are having an amazing impact on the word we live in. This is where the tribe lives. Meet top skincare makers, nutritionists, and influencers who are making a real difference in the world.

Julie Daniluk
Julie DanilukAuthor
Julie Daniluk is a public speaker, holistic nutritionist, health educator, photographer, television host of Healthy Gourmet (Oprah Winfrey Network), and best selling author. [read the interview]Website
Julie Clark
Julie ClarkHolistic Aesthetician
Julie Clark is a Holistic Aesthetician, Aromatherapist and Founder of Province Apothecary, handcrafted aromatherapy skin care is gentle, natural and healing. [read the interview]Website
Adria Vasil
Adria VasilAuthor
Adria Vasil is a Canadian journalist. She has been writing NOW Magazine’s Ecoholic column since 2004 and has published three books based on her column: Ecoholic, Ecoholic Home, and Ecoholic Body [read the interview]Website
Lulu Farnell
Lulu FarnellFounder, RFRK
Parisian born Lulu Cohen-Farnell is the founder and driving force behind Real Food for Real Kids an organization dedicated to changing the way Canadian children and their families eat and perceive food. [read the interview]Website
Graydon Moffat
Graydon MoffatClinical Luxury
Graydon is the woman behind Clinical Luxury By Naure, the plant powered, über pure, transformative skincare made with bioavailable ingredients that will feed your skin from the outside in at an affordable luxury price. [read the interview]Website
Kelly Drennan
Kelly DrennanFounder, FTA
Kelly is the Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action, a non-profit organization that brings social and environmental awareness to the fashion industry. [read the interview]Website
Bill Baker
Bill BakerConsonant Skincare
Bill Baker is the founder and CEO of Consonant Skincare, a Toronto-based skincare brand that offers 100 percent natural products which are also made in Canada.[read the interview]Website
Jennifer Freitas
Jennifer FreitasTruth Beauty Company
Jennifer is the owner of the Truth Beauty Company. An eco-beauty shop stocked with safe and effective products, where truth & beauty meet. [read the interview]Website

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