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Detox For Life Bootcamp

…because detoxes aren’t just made for you and I. The truth is that your home is playing house with more toxins, chemicals, and waste than you think. In this interactive lunch n’ learn session, I’m going to guide you through every room in your house –  the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and the laundry room – and provide you with the essential information needed to detox your space. Get practical solutions, shopping tips, and resources to learn how to build a healthy home and Detox For Life!

  • Discover the secrets to living a non-toxic life

  • Breakup with household chemicals

  • Easy DIY recipes

  • Resource and shopping guide

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Clean Beauty Bootcamp

Does your current beauty routine need a healthy makeup makeover? There can be so much pressure in today’s society on looking your best, but we must dedicate time to feeling our best, too. This Beauty Bootcamp is all about what your skin needs to stay healthy; I’m going to help you transition into a cleaner regime, and provide you with an insider’s guide on all things cosmetics. Discover how to really read those labels and understand the importance of ingredients. Take control of your beauty and choose good, clean skincare products that actually work – plus learn the whole-food ingredients that will nourish your skin.

  • Discover the secret to good skin at any age

  • Get rid of ugly ingredients

  • Easy DIY Recipes

  • Resource and shopping guides

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